24 Media Films Pvt. Ltd. internship program is a minimum 3 months internship that provides you with skill development training, on-the-job learning, and opportunities to show your creativity, building your knowledge, and grow as an individual. The internship comes with a certificate and experience letter upon successful completion. People who are passionate, determined, and willing to learn and want to pursue their career in the creative field of Audio-Visual.


2D animation

2d animation and motion graphics

A 2D Animator generates activity in a two-dimensional space for film, TV, websites, video games, and advertisements using either traditional cel methods or computer software.

3D animation

3d animation and 3d Max Maya

3D animator leadership are to develop unique and attractive animations for different target groups

Digital Marketing

SEO optimization, PPC, and content writer

Innovative and grow strong digital marketing strategies, using SEO, PPC, website ranking, and other techniques to drive traffic to company pages, company websites and generate interest in company products and services.

Social Media Marketing


Generate marketing and including budget planning, social media campaigns and strategies, PPC Ads, content ideation, and implementation schedules, and social media strategy.


video editing and motion graphics

VFX artists set off cameras, work with lighting, and use microphones to films & shoot videos. They create realistic visual effects using animation, particles, materials, sprites.


production and post-production

Managing shoots and comprehending script-related requirements and fulfilling them
Assisting in pre-production and post-production for feature film.